Write to database via connection

Dear community,
in our project we have several users that need to write result back to a data base.
Often the table they write back (in our case to Oracle) will not exist in Oracle, which means we would like to directly create a new table and store our result in this newly created table in Oracle.
Is there any way to do this?

Our current workaround looks like this:

  • In Oracle a user creates a new table in the correct schema and grants it to the technical user (the one that is connected to OD).
  • In ONE DATA the user then selects this table from the connection and creates a data table from it (by clicking the plus sign) and then we use a data table save processor to write into this connected table.

As this are some additional steps that reduce acceptance of ONE DATA and decrease usability, I am wondering if you have any more tips how to approach this?

Might the storage type Connection: Column Family help us here?
How does one configure what connections can be selected there? In my test case, I am loading data from an Oracle connection but the dropdown of the data table save “connections” is empty (see picture).

Thanks for your input already.
Cheers, Viola

To the best of my knowledge, it’s not possible - apart from using R or Python scripts.

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