Workflow Processor IDs

Dear Community,

do you know if there is documentation about which processor-types have which IDs? Or are changes to these IDs announced somewhere?
Use Case: We are using those in order to find out which processors are in a workflow but it seems e.g. the ID for the Database Connection Load Processor has changed in the past 2 years from ‘00000000-0000-0000-1140-000000000001’ to ‘00000000-0000-0000-1140-000000000002’.

here’s a map from processor ID to processor names, descriptions, etc.:

It doesn’t cover all processors (integrated workflow processors (you can have many by server configuration with different numbers of inputs and outputs and, therefore, there is not the IWF ID) are one missing case) but many of them.

regarding database connection load: there are two of them. A deprecated one and a new one. So, both IDs work but the processor is not the same. Processor names don’t need to be unique :wink:

As an alternative, you could also parse the output of GET This is the endpoint that the workflow editor calls in order to know the processors that are available.

Thank you very much!
Probably the API-Endpoint is the safest option to always get the latest state for your instance, right?
It might even be worth it to write a little script to keep up to date with any changes :smiley: