Which values does the `progressKpi` element show?

I want to use the progressKpi element to display the relative number of distinct values found in a particular column. However, the numbers displayed in the KPI element are transformed in some way that is currently not obvious from the documentation (see Elements : ONE LOGIC Service Center).

Given a table with names and target values, how can I display them both using the progressKPI element?

Given this datasource:

I want the element to:

  • show one bar for each row,
  • labeled with the values in column “mapping_type”,
  • with bar width equaling the the values from column “rounded_percentage”

I would expect the element to render something like this (ignore the colors and mismatching bar widths):

The code below is functional:

  "id": "ele_mapping_type_kpi",
  "type": "progressKpi",
  "source": "sourceID", // looks like the table depicted above
  "styles": {
    "color": "black",
    "backgroundColor": "white"
  "config": {
    "title": "PROGRESS KPI",
    "orientation": "vertical",
    "color": "black",
    "kpiName": {
      "column": "mapping_type"
    "value": {
      "column": "rounded_percentage"

but produces similar bar width for all four types, and does not show the numbers from the table:

What do I need to fix in the code to achieve the desired rendering above?

Hi Christopher,

maybe just try to use the ratio column you already have. The element works with a range 0-1 and your rounded_percentage already is * 100.
See here my try in the screenshot. Of course like you said, the color and in my case the rounding and formatting is missing. But I hope this helps.