What is the best way to ensure a new user has a default project assigned when doing API calls

When doing an API-call from a workflow triggered via Apps to update the schema for a data table that is based on a database connection (http://od-api.pages.intranet.onelogic.de/#connection__id__dataset__datatableid__patch) I got an error telling me that the user has no default project assigned:

"errors":["User with id 5f4beeff-ada9-4179-97e6-893fa113fd02 is not assigned to any project"]}

When I checked after login this was correct, because the user never logged in to the “ONE DATA Use Case” module and therefor had no default project set - I think (the user only ever used App Viewer)

Is there a way to solve this without having each user logging in once into the Use Case module and set a default project?

Or is the projectId possibly missing for this API call and should/could be added? From my understanding the project id is not required to identify the target of the API call (it is identified via connectionId + datatableId), but I remember that the whole “default project set” is some tricky topic.

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I just had a look at the respective code. To me this appears to be a bug and I would like to ask you to report it. Thank you for letting us know.