What does the Warning no sync set config found

What does the console warning

No Sync Set config found with following data source id: XXX


It could be that you have an unused sync set in your app config or a sync set config that contains an data source that is not created. Hard to tell without seeing the apps code.

What we technically do is this:

  • For each published filter set
    • Find the data source of the element publishing the filter in the join config of the sync set
      • Get the index of the column the filter is published on
  • For each element applying this sync set
    • Find the element’s data source in the join config of the sync set
      • For that data source, get the column with the same index as the one the filter was published on

If we can find that column, we merge that filter set with all the other filter sets of other sync sets and then apply the filter to the applying element.
If we can’t find that column, because the applying element’s datasource is not configured there or you have mismatched column-mappings (i.e. arrays of different size), we raise the error you’re seeing right now.