What does sharing a resource into a project mean?

I am wondering what it means (technically) to share a resource into a project.

  1. Does a resource have a “main-project” of sorts, or are all projects of a resource equal?
  2. What effect does sharing have on project export? Are the resources that are shared into the project contained in the export?
  3. How is the project shown in the breadcrumb determined for resources that are shared to several projects?
    a) Does it depend how a user navigates to the resource (going there via project A or via project B)?
    b) How about accessing resources with a direct link?
  1. Until recently, generic resources had no main project. So, all projects to which a resource was shared were equal with respect to the resource. Since recently, at least data tables have a so called home project, which you can see as their main project.
  2. All resources that are shared to a project are in the export.
  3. Some users may see only some of the projects to which a resource belongs depending on project access rights.

Hi Marco,
Thanks for reaching us out.
Regarding the 3rd question, it depends on how user navigates to the resource. Because when user navigates to a project, the default project will get updated for him/her and it shows the default project within breadcrumb.
If user accesses the resource via direct link:

  1. If the resource is shared to the user’s default project, then default project will be shown.
  2. Otherwise, the first project that the resource is shared to (and the user has access to) will be shown.

I hope that answers your question.


Yes, thanks to both of you. I was able to resolve a support ticket just by providing some detail information about sharing to the customer. :slight_smile:

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