Warning: Server side Filtering

Dear App Builders,

I copied an App which includes Server side Filtering enabled with “true”
The App Builder give me the warning
WARNING: VALIDATION_STAGE_FAILURE Validation stage 'ServerSideFilteringValidator' failed with message: Expected type: de.onelogic.onedata.od_jwt_common.JWTAuthentication, actual: null (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException)."
With Apps the Instance is on Server Version 1.58.2 / Client Version 1.78.0

Is someone aware of this warning message?
Could this be solved with an update of Apps?
Or is it a Server configuration task?

Any hint is welcome.
Thanks in advance

Hi @martin.stark!

This was a small server bug which was fixed in Apps release Server 1.58.4 | Client 1.80.0.
It does not have any influence how the app behaves. Please consider updating to the mentioned version or even higher one.



Thanks, will do the update!