Warning "Potential Filter Sync Issue"

Hi everybody,

when using an App we build we get the following warning.


I have some questions:

  1. What exactly does the error mean?
  2. Do we need to take any action in this case? And if yes, who should we contact?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


the ONE DATA server has a limit on the number of distinct values it may compute. This is mainly done for performance reasons (e.g. to prevent accidentally computing distinct values on an ID column). This warning is shown once your app requests distinct values while computing SyncSets and the number of distinct values in the respective column exceeds the limit configured at the ONE DATA Core server. It should be increased for client-side filtering of SyncSets to work correctly.

This limit can be configured with the property frt.distinctValueLimit in the ONE DATA server configuration (default: 120). Please consider increasing it to a reasonable value. It should be greater than the number of distinct values that need to be computed, but not too high in order to not hurt performance.



You can also find relevant info here (I also highlighted below the relevant section in a screenshot):

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Thank you for the help!