variableType options for variableAssignments of Endpoints

What kind of variableTypes can i assign to a variable in the variableAssignments option of an endpoint in Apps?


  "id": "app_eml_do_something",
  "type": "workflow",
  "async": true,
  "config": {
    "workflowId": "myID",
    "projectId": "myID",
    "variableAssignments": [
        "variableName": "example",
        "variableType": "STRING", 
        "$variableValue": {
          "type": "str",
          "value": "{{filters.someElement.something}}"
        "variableValue": "asdasd"

In my current case the variable is set through an filter. The filter has the multi select option. The variable is sent to a WF to implement some logic. I want to evaluate whether it makes sense to block the multi select in the WF. On the other hand, i possibly want to allow multiple values.
So far i know the following: When i take the variableType String i can either express that i want to have the first element of the filter values filters.someElement.something.values.0 or take all the values as a string formatted array filters.someElement.something.values.
However the WF VariableManager shows also the option DataTable. Can i make use of the DataTable option to retrieve the variables in a formatted representation? If so, what kind of variableType does allow this?


Hi Jonas,
The variable type “Data Table” is only within workflows. It can not be used from Apps.
The “Data Table Variable” is for some special use cases and not for general purpose anymore. At some point this option will be deprecated I guess. It was mainly used before the introduction of the new and currently available Data Table Load and Data Table Save Processors.
In my perspective the option you described are the right ones.
Maybe in addtion in general here the link about Variable Transformations you maybe want to make use of: