Variable single select with Search

Hey there,
I have a Variable single select element in my App. The problem: The list of possible selections is very long and if the user whats to select something in the very end scrolling takes forever…

Is there a config or other element that combines single select with a search?

The best example is the settings of the App, here you have single select with search. Do we also have that as and element?

Thanks for your hints

Hello Philipp,
as far as i can tell this element does not support your desired feature for now.
But I think you provided a valid use case and Product Management will consider it as a potential future improvement possibility from now on.
Thank you for this input and feedback.

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Like Johannes said, there might be an official solution in the future. For the time being, a viable workaround would be to just use a filter element. The filter element supports an autocomplete-flag that will turn it into a searchable component. Additionally, filter elements also publish their value as variable with the following naming scheme: filters.<id_of_the_elememt>.<name_of_the_column>.values.0. So you could repurpose the filter element as a variable select element.

Thank you for that hint.
I will try that!