valueOptions in editable table - ONLY matching options allowed in cell


I have an editable table in my app (table A), and I am using the valueOptions property to have an auto-completion of a column (“Column name)” based on all possible entries of a second table B joined with the columns of table A on “Column name”.

Right now, the user can select all entries of “Column Name”, but can also enter free text in the cell.

Is there any way to constrain the input of “Column Name” so that only options from the matched column can be selected, and no free text can be entered? Ideally, the “Save button” ought to be grayed out when free text is entered in this column, and text option not belonging to the dropdown is entered.

CC @daniel.kempter @hanna.roider


If the flag “allowNewValues” is set to false in the predefinedValues-configuration, it’s only possible to set values already available in the source.

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Excellent! Thank you very much! This was exactly what I was looking for. In my case, I also have a lot of NULL values as default values in the column “Column Name”, so I appended to my JOINed table also a NULL value, to allow the table to save NULL values as well in rows.

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