Value mapping for range filters

Is there a way to map values of a range filter?
The goal is to display years (strings) in a range filter but actually filter the data on timepoints (ints). The years and timepoints of the variable are mapped in a separate table.

Something like this is possible with a sync set and a “hidden” filter. However, this only works for single-select filters.

How would that work for range filters?

I could not use a solution where a SyncSet does the value mapping because I want to use the filter variable after value mapping in the query for a high chart.

So I transformed the years (strings) into numbers within the SQL query in the high chart element:
TO_NUMBER(SUBSTRING('{{filters.scenarioTimepointFilter.time_point_name.valueRange.min}}', 1, 4),'9999') -(date_part('year',(SELECT current_timestamp)) -1)

I guess this is not a very generic solution because it is tailored to this data table for timepoints: