"Value mapping" for multi-select filters

Is there a way to map values of a multi-select filter?
The goal is to display variable names in a multi-select filter but actually filter the data on variable IDs. The names and IDs of the variable are mapped in a separate table.

The mock shows the multi-select filter for the variable measures. Measure IDs are in the table used for a highchart element and there is a separate mapping table for measure IDs and names. The multi-select filter should display names and not IDs.

It is possible to display names in a dropdown filter but actually filter the data on ids with a sync set and a “hidden” filter. However, this only works for single select filters.

Possible solution using nested SyncSets

filterMeasure (multi-select filter visible on page)
publish syncSetMeasures

filterMeasureHidden (multi-select filter hidden)
apply syncSetMeasures
publish syncSetMeasuresHidden

source measureFilter
target measureFilterHidden

source measureFilterHidden
target: tableScenariose, chartScenarios

apply syncSetMeasuresHidden
publish syncSetMeasures

apply syncSetMeasuresHidden