Using .xlsx files in the Custom Element "data-upload-form"

Hi community,

we are currently using the Data-upload-form to enable an Excel-Upload of Files for our customer. The upload together with Data Preview works very nice for .csv files, but our templates are in .xlsx, as editing inside .csv is not handy for the customer.
Uploading the .xlsx file into the form also works nice, if you specify the Sheet name extra. Sadly, the Data Preview is not working for .xlsx

Is there a way to make the preview work, so our customer can upload the .xlsx directly without converting it to .csv first?

Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

the data-upload-form requires a selected sheet for the preview.
Can you please try to use the config property isSheetSelection: true, this automatically sets the selected sheet to the first sheet of the excel file and enables the preview directly after file input.
It also enables a convenient selection of all available excel sheets.

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Thank you very much, that was exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile:

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