Using same integrated workflow execution processor twice in a workflow

In my current project, I need the same integrated workflow execution (IWE) processor twice in a workflow, i.e. it should integrate the same workflow twice. When I run this workflow, ONE DATA immediately throws an error that processor IDs already exist. To circumvent that, I tried to copy the workflow to integrate and give the second IWE processor the ID of the copied WF. I also changed the IDs of the microservice inputs, but all without success.
Is there a clever way to do this apart form completely rebuilding the workflow I want to integrate? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I remember this behaviour from a long time ago and I’m not completely sure how I fixed it. But maybe this helps: How did you copy the workflow that you want to integrate? You could try to not copy it via the task bar but to create a new workflow and use export / import instead.


Using export/import to copy the WF did the trick! Thanks a lot @laura.luckert!

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