Using column minWidth alongside width set under columns

Dear App Builders,

how can I set minimal width for all columns in a table, if I already have a width set for columns under “columns” which set individually? It seems the widths set under “columns” overwrites “config.columnMinWidth”.

The goal is keeping %-wise width on columns, but also setting lower limit for width, so it is readable in smaller screen.

Hi Do-Hwan,

What do you mean with config.columnMinWidth exactly? Do you mean the “config.grid.configs.MinWidth” argument?
You can set the minimal width for each column as you probably did (e.g minmax(300px, 10%)). Further, you can set the minimum width of your layout by the MinWidth argument. The minimal widths for your columns cause that at some point your columns do no shrink any further and a horizontal scrollbar appears. The minimum width of all your columns is the sum of your defined minimum widths of the columns + gaps.
The defined minimum width of your layout functions as “breakpoint”. Once your resolution or your screen size is below this set threshold than your layout “jumps” to the layout where the minimum width is smaller (so to say the Mobile first layout if it is defined).

Hi Tim,

I meant the config under a table element (

But other question, can I also set a minimal width for a container which is over multiple columns?

As far as I know, the only way would be that if you want your container that is spanned over multiple columns, e.g 3 columns, to be 300px, then you have to split it up over the 3 columns, e.g. 100px 150px 50px.