User Management

Dear OD experts for OD Core,

I set a new user in a specific domain to activate him for the 1st time.
after entering the user I got the message:

User successfully added to domain
The user with email was either reactivated or did already exist in another domain.

That’s curious as I checked all Domains before and the user doesn’t, from an front-end perspective, not exist on this instance.
So it’s not possible to get the specific activation link for the user and forward to the user.
ONE DATA instance is on version server 48.0.1 // client 1.200.1
How to figure out, if an user exist on an instance from an end-user perspective and to get him activated accordingly with it’s activation link?
Concerning the message above, it’s not transparent, if the user was already added to the instance and if he is activated.

Thx for some hints

Hi Martin,

most likely a user with this email did already exist in the past but was then deleted. Could that be the case in your scenario?

When deleting a user, the account is set to “deactivated” rather than really deleting the user. When the user is then “recreated”, the message you have seen is shown.

You can still generate an activation link but opening the user detail dialog (pen icon on the right in User Administration) and click on reset password.

You probably would have seen that the user exists (deactivated) if you logged in as superadmin, as the superadmin account can see all users (even deleted ones).

I do agree though that the message is very confusing, I am just sharing what I have found out in the past. That’s a different story though, there is definitely lot’s of potential for improvement with the user management in ONE DATA. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Marco for the detailed answer.
That clarify things.
When logged only as an Domain Admin, than the message could be misleading.
So good to know to double check with the Super Admin.