User Management in App Builder

Dear App Builders,

  • ONE DATA Apps | Client Version 1.78.0, Server Version 1.58.2 -
    User management doesn’t work as expected:
  • Set a user with Access Rule “Admin” via Group Access in the App Builder.
  • When login the user can only access in the apps settings panel the “Editor” page.
  • No Access to the “App Settings Page” and “History” possible.

How to fix this issues?
Any comments welcome.


Hello Martin,
I tried to reproduce your described scenaio. Unfortunatelly I can not confirm this behaviour. Maybe you can contact customer support to have a look at your case, or also retest it (there might be a short timelack till chances in user mgmt apply, keep that in mind once you are testing, so if you click like in super fast mode might make it not reproducable).