Use icons from styleguide in Apps

Hi apps-expert,
is there a best-practice how to use icons from the styleguide in a One Data App?

I want to include one of the icons in an HTML element, but the embedded svg I can find there links to an internal page, so it will not be accessible from a customer’s instance.
What is the recommended way of doing that?

Hi Christoph,
Does this Topic solve your issue?:


I think there is also another Styleguide existing in our company (or maybe it has the same content just displayed differently)

The App Builder/Viewer includes an UI Lib with IconFont and you can use the included icons as suggested in the comment above. This also will works out-of-the-box if any icons will be updated in the UI Lib.
I would recommend to use icons from the IconFont instead of using SVGs from Sharepoint if possible.