Use Highcharts Config From ONE DATA in Apps

Hey folks,

I’m currently wondering if it is feasible to “reuse” the internal (client generated) configuration JSON from our OD report visualizations in Apps.
As a newbie to Highcharts, I’d like to have some WYSIWYG editor like the one for ONE DATA reports to generate my visualizations with.
I know, that there are possibilities to tinker around with stuff via Highcharts | but at least when it comes to data sources and column specifications it drastically differs from what my everyday use cases in Apps look like.
I assume that for the visualizations in OD reports, we have more similar preconditions since the data structures used in Apps and the Result Tables do not differ too much. Moreover, I find the Report configurator way more intuitive than what’s offered in Highcharts’ demos.
Is there any (technical) possibility, to extract the configuration from a OD Report container visualization?
Getting graphs into my app is currently the most time intense job to accomplish whereas with a OD report, I get 90% of what I need in a matter of seconds.

All ideas welcome. :heart:

Hi Flogge,
the link you shared points to highcharts demos directly, so I thought maybe you are not aware of this link: Highcharts Editor - full
It allows you the basic configs based on data you provide and at the end you can just copy paste the json config from the “custom code” and/or “Preview Options” tab at the “Custom chart” menu entry to Apps.
Maybe this is a starter for your demand, if you do not already know it.

Thanks @johannesheininger .

Yep, I know this editor. It’s rather a UI for the JSON structure for highcharts. That’s better than nothing but still is quite close to directly tinkering around in Apps with help of the Highcharts API.
ONE DATA Reports, however have a lot of common cases covered in a quality that is hard to achieve quickly with the examples provided in Highcharts and custom tailoring them to one’s needs.
There is a ton of flexibility when it comes to configuration in OD report visualization and is more intuitive to use than tinkering with Highcharts parameters in their editor (to me at least).
If most of the styling achieved in Reports is based on JSON rather than custom JavaScript, channeling out these generated configurations could be a kickstarter for visualizations in Apps.
I have to admit that this is rather a OD Core Client Dev topic since they know, how report visualizations get generated.