Use hidden filters for endpoints

Dear Apps Builders,

is there a way to use multi-select hidden filters in endpoints? As far as I worked with endpoints you need to select values of the filters you hand over to workflows/production lines etc. As there is no selection taking place for hidden filters and the “selectFirstByDefault” option is not applicable to multi-select filters I am wondering whether there is an option to select all values of a multi-select filter by default or if there are any other work-arounds for this problem?

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you are looking for a workaround you can put on top of an already existing workaround. Maybe you can explain your use case in more detail.

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But from what your wrote I understand, that the multi select filter is never changed by the user?
Then you don’t need to pass all its possible values to the endpoint but simply load the data table of the multi select filter in the WF (or similar) you trigger with the endpoint

Hi Kai,

thanks for your help. Yes, the filter value is never selected by the user. I used your proposal to load the filter table into the workflow. Works fine now! :grinning:

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