Upload of CSVs with quotes within cell values

Dear community,

I am trying to upload a CSV with cells like the following

"or use ....""DefaultHttpDataFactory.setBaseDir(...)"" ..."

While the client correctly splits and displays the rows, the server misinterprets them and puts them into a “bad rows” datatable.

I used the following settings for importing the CSV:

  • delimiter token: Comma
  • String escape token: double quote

Are the double quotes the correct way to quote within CSV cells? If yes, what can I do to have the file interpreted correctly?

Best regards

Please Try with \, e.g.

"or use ....\"DefaultHttpDataFactory.setBaseDir(...)\" ...",

\ is the “escapeToken”. I think you can’t change it via the upload UI.

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Thx @peter.dahlberg, your proposal works. I had hoped for a solution that does not involve preprocessing the file, but at least it works now