Update header information of an already existing connection

Dear OD-experts, given an existing connection (REST-API) in the OD, is it possible to manipulate its information, e.g. header, from within a WF with a Flexible_rest_api processor?
Based on the OD-api documentation, it should be possible to update a connection using the method:
POST at this endpoint: /connection/transfer/update. But I get error with status code 405 (Method Not Allowed).
Does anyone has an explanation? What am I missing here?

The transfer endpoint is secured by a secret API token and can be used only by other microservices of ONE DATA but not by users. This is not part of the public API.

Thanks a lot @stefan.ganser for the explanation. So Is there any work around to update the header information of an existing connection?

Give https://software.gitlab-pages.service.onedata.de/a-team/onedata-classic/onedata-api/#connection__id__patch a try. The documentation claims that it can edit only DB connections, but the documentation is wrong in this regard.

Intercepting the requests from the UI when editing a REST API connection may also help. Especially, because I fear that the documentation in my link is not 100% complete in this HTML representation :wink:

Unfortunately I am unable to find a PATCH method in the Flexible-REST API processor. Any suggestions here?

too bad for you. Now, I recall that this processor does not support PATCH. Implementing it is rather easy :stuck_out_tongue: but you will have to persuade product management or resort to a Python processor.

alright, using python processor makes sense. So The endpoint to make a change in the connection by the user is: " /connection/{id}" and not “/connection/transfer/update”.
Thanks a lot.

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