Update default value of filters

Dear Apps Builders,
I have 2 filter elements in my app which refer to the same data. Each time the user selects an element from the first filter, e.g. the ID, I would like the second filter to show one (it can be random) default value (e.g. the unit), that is associated with the first selection.
Is this possible?

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Yes that’s possible, at least with single select filters.
Depending on your data size you can achieve that with syncSets or with smart custom SQLs and variables
In general, you must ensure that the input data of second filter element, is also filtered by your choice of the first filter element.
The second filter element must have the option selectFirstByDefault set to true

Yeah, the problem was probably the new variable mapping select element.
It does not work with Sync Sets and filtering the source with a variable makes it necessary to reset all the other filters, whenever the variable mapping select element selects a new entry.