Unicode signs in table header

Hello everybody,

especially when there are several columns in a table and the space for the table headers is very limited, I find it convenient to work with mathematical abbreviations, such as the Δ-symbol, for indicating differences.

But apparently it is not possible to render unicode signs in table headers, but only in table cells, even if the option “escapeHtml” is set to False.

Is there any way to circumvent this behavior?

Bildschirm­foto 2022-12-23 um 17.05.57

Thanks in advance!

@tomasito this might be more an accidental feature than on purpose.
However, basically unicode seem to work in table cells and headers.
see https://playground-feature.onedata.de/apps/builder/apps/df193eea-660e-4638-a44c-d5991b8c033d

Hi @peter.ziewer ,

thanks a lot for your quick reply and for solving the problem! I was just so focused on the html-code that I have overlooked the most obvious solution.

To sum up: In table headers, don’t use the html-code for unicode signs (like &#916) but rather copy the symbol from somewhere and paste it into your column label.