Two NavigationCells in one Table

Hello together! :slight_smile:
I want to insert two navigationCells in one Table, but it didn’t work due to the configuration (you can only insert one “goToPage” in the config and you can’t specify to which button it belongs).
Does someone have a workaround for this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Marcel_Schrauder!
Unfortunately with the current version of the CC it is not possible to have multiple columns with a Navigation-Cell in a single table.
This would require some changes to the Navigation-Cell CC.

Hey Tobias!
Thank you for your quick response!
Is there a workaround for my problem, or is this feature planned for the future?

I am not aware of a workaround, but it was mentioned it might be possible with a second layout for the same page (I don’t know about this approach).
As far as I know there is nothing planned, this feature would need to be requested.