Trino Connection in version 7.0.0

Hey there,

I recognized that with Platform version 7.0.0 the JDBC Trino Connection was introduced.
As I understood the Trino connection, it’s possible now to access data from all available Trino data sources out-of-the-box within in One Data.
Means in consequence that One Data can access now about 30 additional databases (e.g. ElasticSearch, BigQuery, etc).
Just to doublecheck, if this conclusion is true.
thanks Martin (CI)

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Hi Martin,
from what I know: Yes, this is correct, and we are currently testing this at a client.
However, trino needs to be installed, of course, and comes with its own set of requirements (resources, maintenance, etc.).

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Thanks Matthias, fantastic to hear.
This is closing more & more the gap to competitive vendors when they mentioning “we support + 50 different data sources with pre-configured connectors”
Looks like an advantage for to maintain one connector for several data sources, than have 50 single connectors to maintain! :rocket: