Tablecolumns in Editmode

Hey all,

did you ever faced this behaviour of jumping columns when editing tables?
If yes, is it a backend-bug? It’s something a customer has communicated to me.

I have reproduced it in the App Builder, the link is:


Hi Nasir,
it seems this problem occurs with every table in edit mode. I cannot replicate your exact problem, but when clicking on edit table my content also jumps a little bit back and forth.
I sadly don’t exactly know where the problem lies (back- or frontend) and cannot provide a solution, but I will take this up as Bug .



you can reproduce the problem when you first resize the col’s a little bigger to see the difference, and then if you edit the table you should see the difference.

Maybe the resize of the columns is not delivered to the edit-mode.



Ah I see, when resizing columns and entering edit mode the table (content) columns are reset to their original column widths but the “head” of the table keeps the altered column sizes.

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