Table schema after integrated workflow processor

Hi community,
is it possible to get the table-schema at a branch starting from the output of an integrated-workflow-processor? This would be helpful when developing modularized workflows.
Best Christoph

Hi, in short:

  1. Connect all Inputs of the Integrated Workflow processor, even if they are unused
  2. Right click on the Integrated Workflow Processor and do a “get schema”

Now you should be able to select the columns inside the configuration of the processors connected to the output ports of the Integrated Workflow Processor.


Hey, @peter.dahlberg , 2 question to your answer:

  1. How should I connect an unused input of the Integrated Workflow processor? Just with a kind of dummy processor, like an empty Custom Input Table?
  2. Why do I have to connect ALL inputs? What is the reason to do so?
  1. Yes some Custom Input Table would do
  2. There is no specific reason other than that we in general don’t support processors with partially connected inputs with the Integrated Workflow Processor being the only exception here. So the workflow editor does not expect this to be a valid configuration and a proper fix has not been done yet.