Syntax of "Merge Files" in filesystem connection


we need to merge several files, which we access using a filesystem connection. To select the merged files, one can select a merge rule. We know about the wildcard .*, but how would the syntax be for more complicated (regular) expressions?

@matthias.lechner can you provide a short summary of your use case?

@adrian.berndl Sure. In our use case, the client uploads a new csv file every day, which is named in the format “foobar_2021-09-13.csv”. We now want to merge csv files in certain date ranges, e.g. the complete August, and September up to e.g. the 9th, which would require more complex regex expressions. Are such things possible here?

Possible yes, but not convenient (in the worst case, you have to enumerate all allowed dates :confused: )

Is it an option to filter the respective files in a workflow after loading?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, that is how we eventually solved it. The solution works, but of course has some limits in case the csv files get very large :slight_smile: