Syncsets on time-series (linechart)

Dear Apps Builders,

is it possible to have the zoom in a linechart work as a filter, that can be connected to a syncset? Or more generally: is there a way to filter the x-axis on a linechart and have this treated as a filter on the respective column?

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Maybe this is also related to this idea/request?

@sebastian.schrenk I would assume that your request is the opposite direction and technically not related to mine :slight_smile:

Thank you @sebastian.schrenk yes, I noted it back in the days to offer it both ways once we extend this feature.
I rephrased it a little bit now thanks to Adrians input to make it more explict like “Having paginatable charts and/or a sync via pagination and filters in a related table/element”. It highlights me a potential demand for such an improvement.
Technical these two might not be related but from a user perspective maybe they are, so I would start to see them as one area to improve our software.