Supress loading indicators during variable input

I have an App with a Variable Input element. The input the user can give will only be processed after the user pressed a button to trigger an endpoint. The problem is, that during typing in the input form, all remaining Apps elements refresh constantly. This can mislead the user to think, that the App already reacted to his input. Nonetheless, I would like to have some loading indication after the user pressed the button. Any ideas how to achieve that?
I think I can supress the loading indication in general using dataFetching. And I can make it less often using by specifying dataUpdates. But this only partly solves my issue.

Hi Kai,

there is in one of latest versions a new config about “variableToBeUpdated” at Execute Buttons and Action Columns within Tables.
You can find it in the latest docu (here an excerpt as screenshot)
With it you set values of App Variables based on the state of the triggered execution. E.g. once the user started (hit the Execute Button) a variable in a html can be shown with something like “processing” and once the function, workflow, production line has finished the value of this variable changes again to somethin like “done”.

I do not know if it fits perfetly your use case but it sounded a little bit like that, so maybe give it a try.

Thanks for the idea!
If I understand that right, you’re proposing to turn of dataFetching completely (to have no refreshing during typing the input) and use a custom loading indication during loading the actual results? Unfortunatelly, we added some workarounds on top of my described case, which why this solution won’t work for us.