SuperAdmin for Apps

Dear AppBuilder experts,

is for the AppBuilder something like an SuperAdmin available?
To get access to the settings in the App Builder, if the Creator of the App is not available anymore?

#martin #dhkds


currently this is not possible as the App Builder only considers the user access, group access and global access rules defined in the app settings. Currently we are planning to revisit this access logic to also consider super-admins, domain admins and project owners.

Until this is released, it is only possible to access the app with an account that is whitelisted by the access rules. If you want to recover the app, you could login as superadmin and go to User Administration in the ONE DATA Core settings. There you could re-activate the owner of the app temporarily and reset his/her password. Then you could login with this account to adjust the access rules for the app.




Thanks Matthias for fast update and the tricky workaround.