Styling a Html element, for example the "li's" within a "ul"

Hello everyone,

this is my first post ine the ONE DATA Community. I am new and I will be working as a “Application Frontend Developer”. I was playing around with the “Learn how to build an App” Tutorial and I was wondering whether there is a possibility to call a Html element, for example if I wanted to style the li's in a ul (see green area in the screenshot), how do I do that? From what I understand is that styles is inline-styling for the mother div. Alternatively I could style all the li's within the ul, but that would be a lot of extra inline-styling. I hope you could understand my question.

Hi Nasir,

the “style” property is not working inside an html element. If you want to style your html you need to do it via inline css or you can use classes and use another html element which you can use as stylesheet and define the classes there inside a big html element only containing the classes and the css.

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Thank you Kyra,

I reached my goal customizing the li's within a ul :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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