SQL query select statement with date formats as Spark SQL problem?

Hallo everybody!
The fact that the Query SELECT date_format(‘2020-12-30’, ‘yyyy-ww’) as calendar_week FROM inputTable i returns 2020-01 is probably no ONE DATA bug but a problem in Spark SQL outside our control?

Ah okay, it does seem to be spark issues…

Have your tried converting “2020-12-30” to a date/timestamp before getting the calendar week from it?

Yes @thomas.danzer , it usually is a timestamp. I wrote it like this for posting it here. But it does not matter, it works for all “normal” dates.

Okay I understand. Then another question: Did you try “YYYY-ww”?

Y would give you the “week year” while y gives you “year” only … maybe you get “2021-01” then.

That’s it, thanks! You saved me a lot of pain :wink:

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