Specifying which way the filter elements are ordered

Hello OD Community,
I have a filter element which displays the different version numbers of an optimizer which we display in the App Page. It would be useful to have the latest version (i. e. the highest number in the column) as the first value. I have specified in the related datasource that it should be sorted in descending order and the SQL Editor shows it in the correct order. However in the filter element the values are sorted in ascending order. Is there a way to specify this in the filter

Thank you in advance


you could try it with this property in the filter element:
"filterOptions": {"distinctValuesUseAllTransformations": true }

Hi Johannes, I have tried this but it did not work.

The Filter element overrides the ordering of the data table.
You have to “re-declare” it in the source option.

    "sort": [
        "name": "MyColumnToorder",
        "order": "desc"