Show warning in app after workflow execution - data-upload-form-del-219 v0.4.1

Hello Community,

I’m using the custom component data-upload-form-del-219 v0.4.1 to trigger a workflow where there are some asserts in place. One of these asserts throws a warning depending on some circumstances. I would like to see this warning show in the app, is that possible?

If yes, a configuration example would be appreciated.


Hi Pedro,
I just had a look at the CC and built an example App + Workflow.
The CC only shows error/warning messages from the Workflow when the executionState of the job is something else than SUCCESS.
So in order to show a message the Assert-Processor should be configured to Error:

Overall this does not seem to be the ideal/expected behaviour, especially as this will also show the configured message with the header Upload failed, when in fact only the Endpoint triggered after the upload failed:

I hope you can work with this, but think the behaviour of the CC should be changed.