Set 'plot line' value with a variable

Dear App Experts,

I am trying to set a Highcharts value (the value of the dashed line) with a variable. Has some one done this before and can give me a hint how to do it?

And I would like to set the value in ‘plot lines’:

      "plotLines": [
          "color": "black",
          "dashStyle": "dot",
          "width": 2,
          "value": 50,
          "label": {
            "rotation": 90,
            "y": 15,
            "style": {
              "fontStyle": "italic"
            "text": "Egoisten - Topseller"
          "zIndex": 3

Any hint would be nice :slight_smile:

You can use the notation for Variables in this case:

"$value": {
"type": "int",
"value": "{{VARIABLENAME}}"

you can also use other types then int

Thank you for your reply, sadly it is not working somehow :frowning:
Even after I declared the variable globally, the highcharts Element won’t take it.