Dearest Community,

Situation: I have 5 different filters that are all applied on one table. Further, if I select one attribute of one of the filters, the other filters are also influenced and only show the available options.

Issue: I am now trying to always select the first option of a filter AFTER I have selected something in at least one filter. I tried it with the selectFirstByDefault option, but this also also means that once I open the app, the filters are already pre-filled and I would first need to delete every selected option in each filter (or integrate a reset filter button that needs to be pressed first) to be able to use the filters properly.

Ideal Goal: Having 5 filters influencing the table and themself + have a selectFirstByDefault option after I have chosen an option for at least one filter.

Hi Tim,
I hear this or very related scenarios more and more often over the last time. Thank you for your additional input. We, at taking care at App Builder and App Viewer, are aware of the situation and will definetly consider an improvement around this area in the future and then hopefully offer you a convienient solution to your scenario.

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Alright, thank you, Johannes!