SelectedValues from a filter with datetime values

Hello everyone,

I try to pre-select a datetime element from a filter, to display it at the start of my app.
Unfortunately, the solution “selectFirstByDefault”: true doesn’t work, due to the fact that it is a multiselect filter.
I tried also to use the selectedFilter element, but I think it doesn’t work with datetime data right:
“selectedFilter”: ["{{filters.fi_fcStartTime.start_time.values.0}}"]
I tried it also with the “dateRange” solution which was described in other posts:
“selectedFilter”: ["{{filters.fi_fcStartTime.start_time.valueRange.min}}"]

Here is the full JSON of the filter:

“id”: “fi_fcStartTime”,
“type”: “filter”,
“source”: “runMeta_ds”,
“sourceOptions”: {
“sort”: [
“name”: “start_time”,
“order”: “desc”
“config”: {
“column”: “start_time”,
“label”: “Forecast Start Time”,
“columnType”: “DATETIME”,
“multiSelect”: true,
“selectedFilter”: ["{{filters.fi_fcStartTime.start_time.values.0}}"] //This doesn’t work right
“syncSets”: [
“applyFilters”: false,
“publishFilters”: true,
“syncSetId”: “sync_tabDownload”

Thank you!

I found a workaround: I disabled the multiselect and added the property ‘“selectFirstByDefault”: true’ again. Now it works, but unfortunately without the multiselect option.