selectedFilter + variable

Dear ONE DATA family,

I was trying to set the “selectedFilter” to a variable, but was unfortunately unsuccessful. I have seen in Slack that this has been an issue in the past (December 14th,11:17 in #app-builder channel). I am wondering if the issue has yet been resolved or if there is a workaround to it? image (4)

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Hi Tim.

I also recently tried it but my result was, that yes the config allows it but the timing during execution does not.
The variables value gets populated after the filter asks for the initial value via selected filter. Therefore the filter gets no value or throws an exception. This is what I experienced, once I wanted to the same thing.

Thanks for your answer. So basically this means the “variable” is just too slow… Also means there is yet no solution to it, right?

Was this finally fixed? I would need the same