Schedules and time zone management

Hi, I have some concrete questions about Schedules and managing time zone(s):

  • What happens to the schedules that already exist when there’s a time change?
  • Which time zone is taken into account when creating a new schedule? Is it UTC, is it local time? And is there a way for the user to know this other than what’s showed in the UI?
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Hi, this explaination might be helpful to understand what happens:

  • ONE DATA UI uses the local time of your PC (i.e. currently probably German summer time, i.e. UTC + 2h).
  • ONE DATA server uses UTC
  • the executions are always done according to ONE DATA server i.e. UTC

This means the following
If a scheduler was created in winter time e.g. for 5 o’clock (corresponds to UTC + 1 h, because winter time) then the UI shows 5 o’clock correctly in winter and the scheduler is executed correctly (UTC = 4 o’clock). If we then switch to summer time, the execution remains at UTC 4 o’clock, as stored on the server, but the UI displays the next execution at Local Time (i.e. then UTC + 2h so 6 o’clock). The scheduler logic is not affected by this and continues to show 5 o’clock, because that is how it was originally entered.

You can view the UTC time of the scheduler by opening the scheduler and then entering F12 → Network Tab → Search field: rule, then refreshing the page and viewing the rule.