Save user specific default filters

Hello Appsperts,

my app features a lot of different filter options and the users requested the possibility to save current filter configuration as default. They find this convenient, since the next time they are entering the app, they don’t have to configure it all over again.
Do you know a way to implement this?

Thank you

Hi Magdalena,

i`m not sure if this would be a solution for you but You can reach that by e.g. bookmarking the Url including the “appState” after all filters are set once. If you open the App again via the Url all filters should be set as before



Unfortunately bookmarking an apps state is not enough to meet our customer’s demand.
They want to save the filter settings directly in the app.

I managed to set up the following solution:

  1. HTML button that allows the user to navigate to a specified URL

  2. The URL is retrieved from a DataSource via hidden filters

  3. The DataSource currently stores a manually saved app state
    → Works

  4. The next step would be saving app states into the DataSource out of the app
    → Is there any way to access the current app state? Maybe even hand it on to a workflow? Or can I request it via API and the system variable session ID maybe?

Thank you a lot!
Of course I am also open for any other solutions different to my approach.

I’m not sure if it works but you can try to save the prefered filter values together with the user name in a table. Apply Analysis Authorization on that table and use it for a hidden filter. You can then use that hidden filter value as variable for the selectedFilter property of the actual filter.

Might be a little bit easier and does not need a separate button.

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