Save To Microservice: Customize Error Message

Dear all,
I am using an editable Table with SaveToMicroservice. The Microservice Workflow does all the operations but before the table is actually saved, I run a couple of Asserts to ensure, that the user can only enter plausible values and is immediatelly notified if his entries are rejected.

The screenshot shows the error if an Assert fails. It is easy to customize the “Assertion failed” message, but I would like to also change the header of that pop up. Because in my case, table SAVED with errors is simply wrong. Nothing was saved due to errors would be correct. I would like to make it as clear as possible to the user, that he failed on saving his entries and he must retry.
Does anyone know, how that’s possible?


Hey, you can customize it by adding an HTML element containing this code. Also tagged you in the corresponding topic in Slack.

“id”: “ele_custom_css_materials_overview”,
“type”: “html”,
“navigation”: [
“to”: “”,
“showLink”: false,
“linkElement”: false
“config”: {
“html”: “ {visibility: hidden; content: ‘’} {visibility: visible;content: ‘ERROR: Table could not be saved’;display: block;position: absolute;}”

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The misleading error message “TABLE SAVED WITH ERRORS” was changed with 2022.Q2.1 Maintenance Release. As discussed in Slack the error screen is from on older version.

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