Save resizable columns’ width in App as bookmark


I have an app where all columns of a table are assigned the property"manualResizing": true in the table’s config.

Now, our customers usually set a different width than the default one on these columns manually in the App Viewer and they would like to save the so-modified table in the App Viewer as a bookmark, so that they wouldn’t need to set the same (or a similar) column width manually in a new future session. However, currently the columns’ width is not persisted when the app is saved as a bookmark.

Is there any way to save the width of columns set in the app via a bookmark, so that upon accessing the bookmark, the saved column’s width is set again?

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Currently you can specify a columnMinWidth and the widths per column as App developer only and make a meaningful initial visualization of a table for all users.
Some user interactions are stored in the state parameter of the URL, e.g. table filters and sorting. Others, like the column widths, are not stored right now. Storing the widths in the state would be a feature request. Be aware that the amount of data that can be stored in the state in URL is limited by the browser’s URL limitations. That is way certain user modifications are stored in the state while others are not. If we store to much then this could also result in invalid URLs.