Save Data Table using ID variable

Hey Community,

I have a Workflow to which I pass a Data Table ID as a variable. I want to use that ID to load said Data Table, make some changes to it, and then save those changes. However, in the Data Table Save Processor there only is the option “use variable values to match the Data Table name” and not the ID.

Is there a workaround to do this? I’d assume it might be possible via the extended configuration of the Processor (Alt+Shift+E)

  "tablename": "",
  "datatableSave": {
    "reference": {
      "type": "referenceByName",
      "name": "@source_table@"
    "saveSpecification": {
      "storageSpecification": {
        "storageType": "PARQUET"
      "schemaMismatchBehaviour": "EXACT_MATCH",
      "saveProcedure": "CREATE_OR_REPLACE"

changing the reference type and maybe the “name” tag. But I’m not sure what exactly I have to replace and what to replace it with, if it is at all possible this way.

You can change the type to referenceById

"reference": {
      "type": "referenceById",
      "id": "@my_table_UUID@"
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