Restrict rows and columns in table editing mode

Dear Community,

Is it possible to forbid editing certain rows and columns, but allowing others to be edited in the same table element in Apps?

I am not aware of any way to disable this for rows tbh. But you can disable column editing by adding the property “edit” to false under the array property “columns”


Also relevant for @Anna_Lohfink

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Alright, Thank you!!

For the sake of completeness:

When saving the changes is backed by a Workflow or python script (i.e. Function) you can always implement logic that discards changes to rows you want to keep (or reject the whole change completelly).
When you store your changes directly back to the DataTable, this is not an option, I’m afraid.
Another idea would be to load the changeable and unchangeable rows into two different data sources (and table visualizations). The criteria for allowing changes can be implemented in a source-query or via a VDT.

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