Remove whitespace on the far left of the screen

Is there a way to remove the white space on the left side of the screen? We are trying to miming a pop up that contains a help text for new users. Currently we overlayed a html element with a semi transparent background with the positions 1,1 and the full size of the screen. But there is always a white space on the left.

Ist it possible to completely cover the screen with flex-grid? We did not do the transition yet.

My first thought as starter would be that maybe you are using a “cellPadding” in the fixedGrid layout, which is not 0px or you have defined something in the FlexGrid “gap”.

Thanks for the tip, I did not thougth about that property. Unfortunatelly, setting the padding to 0 did not solve the issue.
It seems that the white gap is as big as the space the scrollbar needs at the other side.

It might be possible to achieve something like that with setting the width to more than 100% (you might have to use the calc() method of CSS) and setting margin-left or padding-left to a negative value (e.g. -20px). I am not sure though, just an idea.

The problem disappeared after we migrated to flex grid