Recover deleted resources

Is there a way to recover deleted resources (workflows, datasets, projects) i.e. in case they were deleted by accident?

as far as i know actually there is no way to perform that recovery.

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at least not by ONE DATA itself.

Deleted is deleted for resources so recovery is only possible if you have a backup, either of the whole instance or you exported the project before including the affected resources.

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@Viola the main reason we do “physical” deletion is data safety.

In the very beginning of ONE DATA, we discussed the possibility of a “Soft Delete” (simply hide the resources but keep the physical files and database entries). We decided against it.

Is there an actual use case to be fulfilled or was it just a question out of curiosity?

It is not an urgent use case, but the question was raised in connection to rights management and having multiple users in ONE DATA. We wanted to evaluate the risk of someone deleting something by accident and this question arose.