Property Key in Database Connection Load Processor (TRUNCATE connected Table)

Dear colleagues, I’d like to replace a connected Oracle Table with new values from a data table.
I have write access to the table, so appending works, replacing doesn’t because of missing DROP-rights.
insufficient privileges [statement:"DROP TABLE "<<<<schema>>>>"."<<<<tabelle>>>>"

@tobias.feuerecker gave me the hint to use the Database Connection Load processor and do a TRUNCATE TABLE within the additional properties. They did like this for an other customer but the corresponding DS are on vacation. Did somebody already do this and knows what to hand over as key-value-pair?

Or are there some other ways? If I’d get DROP rights for the table I assume that I also need CREATE rights on the database, right?

Thank you very much

Edit: Properties seem to be the wrong way, it’s possible to send JDBC Properties with the query. (Properties). The Expert Mode has the parameter “truncateTable”. Setting this to true causes the same error